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We're ready for launch!

We're all set up and ready to go. The Studio and Podcast equipment is fully installed- it looks and sounds fabulous! The make-up room is fully equipped and set to get you camera ready as a guest on one of our shows! The Wellbeing Media Team are fully trained up and have trialled the equipment with some pre-recorded test versions of shows we will be Livestreaming globally from February 2024!

The reception area is set and ready to welcome you as a guest on one of our shows, when you come to your 'Live On Air' media training or to hire our studio, Podcast or meeting room areas. The Website and Socials are all up and running!

The POP Art, showcasing our first local artist, has been installed in our shop front window space, this is a project delivered in partnership with Pride of Place Bedford and Bedford Creative Arts. We'll be sure to showcase this art and its artist in more detail as it deserves its own post to do it justice- it looks amazing!

The ribbon cutting of the studio, in collaboration with our neighbours Bedford Radio, is set for 6pm tonight with a small number of invited guests including the Mayor of Bedford, getting the chance to look around the studio, meet the POP art artist, sample refreshments provided by the multi-award winning charity The Lewis Foundation Cancer Charity | The Lewis Foundation and most importantly have a chance to see and talk about what we are getting up to in Wellbeing Media Studio!

If you're interested in being a guest on a show, have an idea for a show or show topic, want to improve your media confidence with our 'Live On Air' training or if you are looking to hire a studio, Podcast, Vlog-cast or a meeting room. Then please do get in touch we'd love to hear from you.

We're going LIVE in 3...2...1 (can't wait...see you there!)

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