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Reasons why your business needs QUALITY video content.

When compared to content such as images and text, video comes out on top. A Wyzowl survey found 96% of people are now watching more video content than they were pre-pandemic and 85% of people want to see more video content from brands.

Here are just some of the reasons why video content is so powerful:

  • Videos get more shares and likes than other forms of content which leads to higher brand visibility and sales.

  • Video content makes it much easier for you to connect with you customers and to other businesses in an authentic way. You can tell your brand story in an engaging, memorable way and this builds a deeper more emotional connection making sales more likely.

  • It is much easier to help consumers understand your product or service with video content.

  • Video dominates Social Media platforms and is more likely to get noticed. According to Forbes half a billion people watch videos on Facebook every day. Videos are easy to share and may even go viral!

So, video content is increasingly important for businesses, but the content itself is not the only important thing, the quality of the video also needs to best represent you and your brand. When successful, video can be a powerful way for your brand to spread its message.

Video content is highly versatile, it is usually published on YouTube or via Social Media but it could also be used on websites, in webinars eg. to answer customer questions or as part of course material or instructions for products, it could include live footage to a conference or pre-recorded footage.

If you’re not using video content, you risk losing potential customers to more video-savvy competitors, but don’t just jump on your smart phone and get a shaky recording with poor sound and lighting think about investing wisely to show you care. High quality video content shows you are willing to invest and you care not only about your product and brand but about the customer experience as well.

Our studio based in Bedford, has everything you need to get the high quality video content that your business needs to stand out in the crowded market. We offer professional greenscreen with 2 cameras studio hire to give you high quality visuals and sound. Importantly, and uniquely, we are also a highly supportive and experienced studio that can help nurture you and your project and offer you our time, advice and feedback should you want it. Everyone who visits the studio comments not only on the quality but also the unique friendly and supportive atmosphere that comes from our fabulous staff!


To find out more visit or email us on to discuss what we can do for you and your business. We can’t wait to work with you!

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