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We’ve a long history of creating quality content, either for the web, mainstream television, or in the local community. Dr Audrey Tang – founder of Wellbeing Media Studio – hosts a number of award-winning shows and uses her deep experience to support you to get your message across, and our studio facilities to showcase it professionally.

She created and produced The Wellbeing Lounge podcast, broadcast on NLive Radio for 3 years, and was a finalist for “Specialist Content Show of the Year” in the 2023 Community Radio Awards, and hosted and produced the award winning ‘Retrain Your Brain’ series offering accessible and practical tools to thrive which you can access on her own website.  She also regularly contributes to mainstream media with "Expert Comment" as a psychologist.


In Feb 2024, the Studio’s two flagship shows "MENTAL HEALTH MATTERS" and "SKITS & QUIBBLES" joined the e360tv network (reaching Roku, Amazon Firestick, Apple+ amongst other streaming services) as well as playing on our YouTube channel. We also created a local events show "WHAT'S UP..." where we bring you what's on, chats, and business from the local community, and film short documentaries in our "Through My Eyes" series.

We care about high quality content presented to broadcast standard!

with Dr Audrey Tang

This show takes a deep dive into mental health issues.  Every week we address a different mental health topic, sharing lived experiences along with interviews with the experts and academics within the field.  We aim to unpack the complexities of each topic, and bring academically rigorous – but always accessible – tips and tools to support you with everyday wellbeing.

Please note, the discussions on the show are for educational purposes and not a substitute for professional intervention.

Watch on e360tv

Watch on our YouTube

If you have a story to share, or you would like to share your knowledge as an expert, or you want us to cover a topic – please drop us a line at with the heading “MHM episode”

Mental Health Matters
Skits and Quibbles
The arts and wellness show

Skits & Quibbles is our arts show where we not only get to be entertained by fabulous new and established artists out there, but learn what makes them tick.  We work with groups and individuals, giving them opportunity and space to perform in a working studio, building their experience, as well as find out more about their journeys and their inspirations.  Performers have been approached for jobs via this broadcast, and sometimes we even get established celebrities joining us to pass on their skills. This show includes a collaboration with Groovie Comedy and their shows are hosted by Gordana Micic, and we have our own resident hosts who can interview any artist who takes the stage.

Watch on e360tv

Watch on our YouTube


If you are a performer who’d like to be considered for this show, please drop us a line at with the heading “SAQ episode” and outline your talents and proposal.

Through My Eyes (Documentaries)
We tell YOUR stories

Part of giving voice to the community is using our platform to create, celebrate, and also raise awareness of some of the things people may be afraid to say.  We are privileged to be using our platform to create our own documentaries on some of the subjects that professionals have raised in their interviews in The Wellbeing Lounge, including cancer poverty and the loneliness of seniority; and to be able to celebrate and raise awareness of ordinary people doing extraordinary things, such as the subjects of our “Through My Eyes” series.

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We look forward to streaming more shows in the future, meanwhile we’re also here to support you with your content, so if you’d like to hire the studio or podcast "Pod" to create your own streams, pod/vlog casts, or videos, just email

ALL of our livestream guests are required to sign our broadcast release form prior to their show airing.

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