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Our Studio Facility

Based in Bedfordshire you can find our studio at 20-22 St Mary’s Street Bedford. 

We have one studio for livestream/broadcast with a two-camera set up with greenscreen, along with a make up space and our podcasting pod (The pod Pod!), and we have breakout space for training, and a small kitchen for  having that all important cup of tea. There is disabled access and accessible WC facilities. fact, everything you need to build your media confidence.

What to expect On Set

We are delighted to present one of our guests from Groovie ComedyThomas W Kelly aka Dark Sugar giving a quick breakdown of what to expect when filming "Skits & Quibbles". 

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Live On-Air Public Speaking

BUILD YOUR PRESENTATION SKILLS - especially in front of the camera!


You might be comfortable yelling at the TV, but do you, you know, get, like, sort of, super-nervous, obviously, the moment the camera goes on?  …and not only use all of the above “filler words” but then ramble on without getting to the point (unhelpful when media is a timed slot!)

ALSO, learn how to create and curate content to produce your own TV show OR Vlogcast which we will air - LIVE on our YouTube Channel that same day!

The sessions are 3-3.5 hours long, and are fantastic for small groups and teams up to 6. They're delivered at our studios in Bedford with some sessions as fundraiser for charity partner CLICK Arts Foundation


They will boost your confidence when it comes to presentations and speaking in public, and are a great primer for those looking for a deeper understanding of modern content creation,  with practice to simplify and highlight the key points of your message, and build your confidence in front of the camera!!

We will help you:

  • Develop your personal public speaking/presentation skills

  • Identify your organisational/group key message

  • Select the most engaging means of communication

  • Learn how to independently present and record your own podcast episode OR Livestream – on our YouTube channel

  • Include “on air” interview technique to not only finely tune your skills, but give you little soundbites that you can subsequently share on your socials.

Training is led by Dr Audrey Tang with over 30 years teaching experience including LAMDA examinations, and who is no stranger to the “Guest Expert” carousel having been the resident psychologist for the Chrissy B Show (Sky); Don’t Diet Lose Weight (Channel 4); and an oft requested expert on BBC TV and Radio news.  She’s also been awarded Silver for Female Presenter of the Year for two years running at the Community Radio Awards for her mental health show The Wellbeing Lounge on NLive Radio, which in turn was shortlisted for “Specialist show of the year” in 2023.

This session can also be counted towards CPD points.

Cost £500 per team of up to 6

Watch the quality of the shows we produce

Table-top Escape Game Teambuilding
Groups of up to 8 (max) can try our table-top escape game challenge where as part of a 3 hour CPD accredited teambuilding session, you reflect on what makes a good team - and we put you to the test - under time pressure.

Following the game you receive insights on your behaviours from Dr Audrey Tang which serves as an excellent starting point to appreciate what you do well, and consider what, if any changes, you may wish to make.

Is it really like an escape game?!
While not completely "immersive" as purpose built rooms, such as Bedford Escape Rooms, ClueHQ, or Don't Get Locked In locally in Bedford, the puzzles are of escape game quality; before she opened Wellbeing Media Studio, Dr Audrey designed and ran "A Great Escape - ENIGMA" in Bletchley Park in 2016  for exactly these purposes - that escape game continues today as "ENIGMA" at Gravesend's Award-Winning game facility The Panic Room; and, suitably portable, Dr Audrey takes her table-top game on request to conferences and events.

This session can also be counted towards CPD points.
£320 per team of up to 8
Studio Hire/Podcast Pod Hire

We're thrilled to hire our studio to people who might need to livestream or record content. You can also use this multi-function facility for a corporate interview, training video, webinar, or even infomercial, so drop us a line and we’ll work out the best package to suit your needs.

Or our 4-mic Rodecaster booth for those  professional quality podcasts or audio books.

Media Training or Recording

Whether you’re invited to speak about your research, give comment on something in the news, or maybe their better known academic dropped out – every media opportunity is a chance to showcase your magnificent brain.  But every “you know” takes up valuable seconds of air time; if you don’t get to the point, you don’t get asked again, and the inconsistent quality of a phone line can affect the perception of your professionalism.

Our studio can offer individual and group:

Speaker Coaching

We will give you presentation skills coaching to promote your area of expertise; and/or more generally to establish yourself as an expert who is retained time and time again.

Writing and Messaging

You know your content, but what are your concerns with sharing it?  We will help you develop written thought leadership with impact

Media Interview Practice
Podcast/Audio book Recording

Practice makes perfect, so take the opportunity to be interviewed at our studios with the interview either livestreamed (not for the fainthearted), or recorded (allows an edit or two) and broadcast on our YouTube channel - you might even find yourself on one of our e360TV shows!

Everyone and their dog seems to have a podcast these days… in fact, the dog can have a podcast these days. It’s easier to produce than you think, but far harder to attain broadcast quality.  You can hire our equipment, and/or we can teach you how to host and package your podcast so your output reflects your personally quality.

Our Rodecaster is great for audio books too!

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