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Expert Media Training

As an academic, an author, or a social entrepreneur – you will be asked to build a profile. Frustratingly, it’s no longer enough to “let your work speak for itself” because it needs to stand out amongst other – sometimes less credible – work that twirls a little better. But even though you might need to join “we’ll make sure you’re doing it by your rules.

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Media Training

Full-stack media coaching and training

Whether you’re invited to speak about your research, give comment on something in the news, or maybe their better known academic dropped out – every media opportunity is a chance to showcase your magnificent brain.But every “you know” takes up valuable seconds of air time; if you don’t get to the point, you don’t get asked again, and a phone line doesn’t necessarily cut it.

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Speaking Coaching

Presentation skills and public speaking training

We can provide coaching around your presentation skills, getting you ready for delivering your key mesages at any size event. Let's help you develop the skills to carry your message, promote your area of expertise, and establish yourself as an expert who is retained time and time again.

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Writing and Messaging

Copywriting and messaging support

Even in these video focused days there is still a huge requirement to be able to present your message through the written word. You know your content, but what are your concerns with sharing it?  We will help you develop written thought leadership with impact.

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Media Interview Practice

Bespoke appearance coaching

Practice makes perfect, so take the opportunity to be interviewed at our studios with the interview either livestreamed (not for the fainthearted), or recorded (allows an edit or two) and broadcast on our Wellbeing Lounge Podcast

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Podcast Development

Podcast focused training and support

Everyone and their dog seems to have a podcast these days… in fact, the dog can have a podcast these days. It’s easier to produce than you think, but harder to get the quality than you appreciate. We can teach you how to host and package your podcast so your output reflects your personally quality.

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Social / Public Profile

Fine-tuning your public profile 

It’s not just what you know, it’s who you know, and while we don’t care for “humble bragging” (#blessed), you are going to need to shout about your work in a noticeable, yet palatable way. We can support you in creating a profile that suits you and your “brand”, including video/vlog/reel creation.


Live On Air Training Sessions


You would have seen above specific examples of what we can offer you as an individual expert, but if you are looking for something unusual – yet hugely beneficial for presentation skills and organisational impact with the added benefit of team building, then we're pleased to announce that our bespoke 'OnAir' training package will also be coming soon.  

Learn how to create and curate content to produce your own podcast which then airs on The “Community Matters” Livestream/Podcast.

  • Identify your organisational/group key message

  • Select the most engaging means of communication

  • Present and record your own podcast episode OR Livestream

The sessions are three hours long, and are fantastic for small groups. They're delivered at our studios in Bedford, and are a great primer for those looking for a deeper understanding of modern content creation.

Team Trial Sessions


We're also thrilled to be able to deliver our Team Trail training sessions, as developed by Dr Audrey Tang. These three hour sessions are suitable for conferences, as well as small or large groups, and are delivered at your location. 


CPD accredited, they consist of your very own tabletop escape room aimed to develop team building, bonding and performance. Teams compete against each other to solve the puzzle within the allocated time, and performance is observed and feedback as well as points for development offered.

The feedback session allows delegates to reflect on their performance and use the observations as a starting point for professional and personal growth – and praise!

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